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Hello everyone,
The schedule this week at Geden Shoeling Buddhist Center is as followed:
Thurs 6/14  5:30P.M.  Guru Puja (with Tsog Offering)
***Please remember to bring drum, bell, and Vajra. 
If you would like to make offering, please bring flower, fruit, or cookies.​
Sat  6/16  Fish Release at Marina Del Rey
***Please come to the center around 9:30A.M. to 10:00A.M. to carpool or join us in the big van. 
We will be leaving at 10:00A.M, and arrive to Marina Del Rey at approximately 11:00A.M. 
If you live around Marina Del Rey area, please go straight to the location at 11:00A.M. 
The direction is attached to this e-mail.​
***Please join us for a picnic lunch at a nearby park afterwards:

Burton Chace Park

13650 Mindanao Way
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292-6964
Sun 6/17  Dharma teaching:  Mandala Offering:  Meaning and Practice
***If you have Mandala Offering ritual instrument, please bring it with you.
***Please note:  Water and Light Offering is continued at our center until the end of June 20th. 
If you have time, please come to the center to make Offering in order to accumulate merit on this auspicious
Saka Dawa month.
If you have any question, please contact Geden Shoeling Center at 714-891-5456.
Thank you very much.



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